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About us


In 2009, We, TC Group - Joint Stock Company put the first step into the market with the operating principle "Trust, sharing is the foundation for the success of the business". Over the past 10 years, from that initial principle, it has now become the core value and orientation for all actions of TC Group. We are happy to work, dedicate and share the dream of building a sustainable and prosperous TC Group.

TC Group constantly strives to provide diverse products with the most perfect service quality. From the original field of elevators, we have expanded to other products such as: Air conditioning systems; Consumables, Medical equipment; Maintenance, upgrade system ...

Over the 10-year journey of TC Group, it is indispensable to accompany the footprints - Partners, Customers who have given us the opportunity to cooperate, serve and develop together.

Continuing to develop business activities, expand markets, promote the action of "Quality - Dedication - Empathy" at the highest level to satisfy customers' needs. Building a stable, dynamic, creative and rewarding working environment, many promotion opportunities - all members are cared for, helped, shared and created maximum conditions to be themselves, made my ambitions. This is a commitment of TC Group's deep gratitude to all partners, customers and employees who have accompanied for more than 10 years.


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