Frequently Asked Questions When Looking for Buying Elevator For Families ( part 2)


What is the expected cost that the family will spend to install the lift?

With a fee of less than VND 400 million, it is possible to install a joint elevator or domestic elevator.

The downside of this ladder is the high maintenance costs due to regular inspection and maintenance.

Import ladder will cost from VND 500 million, higher than the joint-venture ladder. In return, your family gets a quality product, less maintenance required.

Especially with the hydraulic technology lift line, the safety and stability of the elevator are extremely high. Therefore, the frequency of maintenance of this ladder is also lower, not only the design of the elevator is very sharp, beautiful and no less subtle, ...

What is the main purpose of installing the elevator / Who mainly uses the elevator?

Do you set up ladders for houses or rentals?
This question helps you determine the lift load, lift size, type of elevator, etc. as well as the expected cost your family will spend installing an elevator.
Example: You install ladders for your own house, mainly for the elderly, children and the sick. You should choose the ladder with absolute safety, stable operation, moderate speed, especially need to match the general structure of the house.

Select the best power lift elevator?

Currently, household elevators can design to use 1-phase or 3-phase current according to user requirements.

Normally, customers will choose the elevator using 3-phase power because it has more stability to help protect the elevator equipment more durable. But if customers' families cannot provide 3-phase power, they can be used with 1-phase current, the elevator still works normally.

Choose when to sign a contract to buy a family lift?

The time to choose a contract depends on the type of ladder that the customer orders.

With imported ladders, the production and construction time is about 2 months, even for European imported hydraulic ladders, the time is up to 5-6 months due to strict standards.

However, the series of imported ladders is complete, complete and separate according to the design requirements from users. Quality ladder up to world standard, worth "money for rice bowl".

To thoroughly solve the problems, as well as find an elevator that fits your desires, you need an elevator solution consulting unit.

TC Global technical experts will propose a completely specific detailed plan, not only technically, but also financial options for your family. Do not hesitate to contact us here or hotline: 0972 597 579 for more advice.

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