Frequently asked questions when looking to buy an elevator for the family (part 1)


How many elevator segments are there in Vietnam?

There are many types of home elevators on the market, depending on the price and characteristics that are now classified into three main segments:
        - Domestic elevator
        - Venture elevators
        - Imported elevators
Is installing an elevator space-consuming? How much is it possible to install an elevator?

This is a concern of many customers when learning about family elevators, especially renovated buildings.
The family has a modest area, the demand for use is not too high, they can install ladders with small size - low load. In fact, there was a successful installation of a lift family with only 65x87cm cabin size. For example, GETIS hydraulic family home technology has a flexible design with all constructions.
Are home elevators costly to maintain and repair?

With newly installed ladders, customers can request maintenance units to perform 1-2 months / 1 time and the distance not exceeding 60 days between 2 times of maintenance - maintenance. This ensures the safety of everyone when using the elevator, avoiding unexpected incidents when using the elevator.
Usually, depending on the service agreement, the provider will provide warranty service for about 1 to 2 years and during that time, the elevator you buy will be serviced, free periodic inspection. After the periodic period, you have to hire a technical staff to come and check. To save money, you can refer to the one-year package prices or the preferential packages of the supplier.
The cost of maintenance - maintenance and replacement of equipment in the family lift line depends on the frequency of use, the quality of the elevator, the consciousness of customers, ... With the hydraulic lift series ( Getis ladders imported from Italy) have a longer shelf life so there are less costs of repairing or replacing equipment.
What problems does the home elevator face?

Due to the limited knowledge of users with elevators, there is no technical team monitoring the operation of elevators regularly. Therefore, there may be technical problems that users cannot detect.
Choosing products that are not of quality assurance, which requires frequent maintenance and replacement of equipment.
Unstable operation due to power source: if possible, the family should use 3phrase power source instead of 1phrase
Home elevators rarely have problems. However, for the safety of the family, from the purchase to installation until the elevator is put into use, you must always be supervised - perform the best way possible.

In addition, you also need to choose a reputable elevator supplier with quality products, follow the instructions in how to use and perform the elevator inspection periodically.

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