Learn the general process of cleaning household elevators


When homeowners need elevator sanitation?

Household elevators do not have high frequency of use as elevators in office buildings or apartments, but elevators are enclosed environments so bacteria and dirt are numerous, especially at the push of buttons. Control of the lift.
In fact, the buttons and handrails in elevators carry many times more bacteria than toilet seats, especially bacteria that cause colds, respiratory infections, or intestinal tract ...
Therefore, with home elevators also need to be cleaned regularly and properly not only to ensure the health of users but also to help the elevator system work better.

What locations of household elevators should be cleaned?

  • Clean the space outside the floor door and the floor call panel
  • Clean the elevator door slideway
  • Clean elevator walls and handrails
  • Clean the control panel in the cabin
  • Clean cabin floor

When cleaning the elevator to note what?

  • The elevator should be stopped during cleaning, not moving while cleaning the elevator is dangerous.
  • Pay attention to the type of chemicals that should be used for each different lift type
  • Elevator cleaning time needs to be quick and still ensure the right way
  • Do not clean the electric system of the elevator without the thorough designation of the elevator maintenance staff, avoiding the riskful situations.
  • Absolutely do not allow water to flow into the floor door, or wet the manholes because this can cause dangerous incidents such as electric shock, rusting equipment, ..

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