Skills to remember to handle when the elevator is stuck


Modern life, elevators are no longer strange to people and are most commonly used in apartment buildings, commercial centers, followed by households.

Although very modern and useful, but the elevator also has many potential risks that if not managed carefully will cause unfortunate consequences.

Recent incidents often occur with elevator users:

Power outage, stuck in elevator
Thang suddenly stopped
Speeding ladder (free drift)

The question is what do we do when faced with these situations?

Keep calm:
Breathe deeply, close your eyes and slowly open to get used to the darkness if the ladder does not have electricity.

Based on the back of the ladder wall, grasp the handrails tightly, if the ladder is unstable or drifting, it is slightly kneeling or lying parallel to the floor to minimize injuries if the ladder falls free.

Try the door open button:
If the door release button is pressed and the ladder is still unresponsive, contact the outside party.

External contact:
Find ways to contact the outside: press the button for help, cell phone, knock on the door of the elevator (should use key chains, heels, ...).

It is best to wait for rescue although it may take a long time:
Don't worry too much about the lack of oxygen because the elevator cabin actually has vents and fans, so the cabin is still provided with air.

The principles of "NO" should do when stuck in the elevator:

DO NOT yell, scream, do strenuous activity that causes exhaustion and reduces oxygen levels quickly (in a closed elevator, the space is small so the amount of oxygen will be limited).
DO NOT pry or break the lift door
DO NOT stomp or use door knob to call for help because the ladder may be stalled, causing fear in the ladder
DO NOT climb out of the elevator through the air vents unless there is assistance from the rescue party
DO NOT rush out if you see the elevator doors open, pay attention to where the elevator is, only step out when it is safe, when going out, it should be fast and decisive.
Above are some skills that have been synthesized for you to "use" in an emergency. Normally, when trapped in an elevator, people will be afraid to fall into panic, but you should also remember that it can not help you escape this unfortunate situation. So try to stay calm, get rid of the inference and try to contact outside help. Wish you use the elevator safely!

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